No Reader Left Behind

dragonfly girl book cover

Although the choice of cover art for my erotic romance novel is now in the rear view mirror, readers should realize something is missing.  The butt crack. I loved that butt crack! In hindsight it was arousing and cheeky. Admittedly the need for it was a bit anal on my part.

To get to the bottom of the tale, the crease had to go due to my concern regarding Amazon’s policy of no male genitalia or female nipples. Therefore, not wanting to be an ass, I figured no nipples, no butt crack.

In the end, the rear on my cover fades out and my submission was accepted. All that is behind me now but I have posted the original cover for you to see with the butt crack restored. Perhaps in the future I will include the actual photo of the full derriere. It’s a beauty to be sure.

Bear with me, dear readers, until then. No wise cracks, please. And, indeed, you can judge this book by it’s cover!