About the Author

logan lansing author

Logan currently lives in New Jersey not far from New York City and spends summers in the Adirondacks or at the Jersey shore. She loves every dog she ever met and every cat that jumps into her lap.

Although Logan has written in a variety of other genres, Dragonfly Girl is her first erotic romance. No matter the category, her writing always has purpose that defines, draws and guides.

When not at the computer, Logan does a high intensity-boxing workout, appreciates a deep tissue massage and enjoys a good breakfast and stimulating conversation at a local diner.

Every day is an adventure to Logan as long as it includes fun, friends, family and fantasy.

Author, Teacher, Editor


  • Individual or group workshops on aspects of the craft of writing: Getting started, Research, Compelling plot, Nuanced characters, Realistic dialogue, Inciting Incident, Pacing, Setting, Subplots, Resolution, Conclusion.
  • Editing- Need help with Continuity, Purpose, Timeline, Characters, Transitions, Rewriting, Cutting?

Contact loganlansingwrites@gmail.com.